A Visuland Private World is your 3D virtual world based on real time communication and fun applications. Using Visuland is easy! No need for lengthy downloads, installations and complicated registrations, your users are just one click away to enter the world of their choice 

Real time communication with video & audio

Customize your avatar, and if chat is just not enough - use your webcam, share your desktop, make your voice heard!

Mini applications for work and fun

If your users run out of things to say, they can watch video streams from YouTube or Vimeo, share presentations, play minigames together!

Create your own world in minutes

Have a Visuland Private World on your website, or enjoy our existing elgg.org or moodle.org plugins! Let your users connect in a new way!

Simple, small, fast and free

No more lengthy downloads, no re-registration is needed. Use existing accounts, authenticate only once at your site, have full control on who can enter.

Visuland Private World- A virtual world that you control

Enhance your community website with Visuland Private World! Supply your users with a 3D virtual reality ideal for working, leisure and socializing! There is more! You have total control in your own Visuland Private World. You can choose its looks, the number of people that are allowed in, the range of people that are allowed in (e.g. for your registered users only), and the features available for the users.

Your Visuland Private World is your very own 3D virtual world! It offers the experience of in-person meetings using a spectacular 3D world and live voice/video chat. It can easily be integrated to your website, embedding right into the pages. In your Private World, your users can simply log in by using their existing registration on your website. Visuland doesn’t require long and complicated installing. It’s simple, it’s fast and your users will grow to love it in days. 

All Visuland users have their own, customizable avatar. The body and the cloths can be customized up to the level of the picture on the T-Shirt. The avatars also have the option to make the users feel even more like they are meeting in person, by using the “Telehead” feature. Using “Telehead” swaps the head of the avatar with a 3D television which shows the picture of the user’s webcam.

There are lots of in-game-applications in Visuland (for example: desktop sharing, joint video (youtube, vimeo, etc) watching, etc.) Popular games like “Chess”, “Connect four”, “Memory”, “Reversi” or “Battleship” are all available for Visuland users, and they can be available in your Private World as well.

Visuland is the only online virtual reality world that enables you to have your very own private World, under your full control. Contact us now!


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